5 Useful Tips to Improve Your HVAC System Efficiency

Usually, every HVAC unit loses its efficiency over time. Hence, all HVAC owners look for multiple ways to maintain and enhance the efficiency of their heating and cooling units. You may feel the need to contact an HVAC contractor in Folsom to improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit, but many DIY ways help you enhance the HVAC performance.

The combination of professional services and self-maintenance contributes to the efficiency of the air conditioning and heating unit. 

Improve your HVAC System Efficiency with These Five Tips

1. Provide your Unit with a Timely Cleaning

Your air conditioner or heater must be clean for a restriction-free service. Dirt, debris, pet furs, etc., are responsible for the blockage in the HVAC system. Even if you schedule annual services for professional HVAC equipment cleaning, the unit can quickly get dirty again, especially when you have pets at home.

Remove all the excess dirt from the drain lines and condenser using chlorine bleach, a vacuum, a water hose, and a brush. You can also use a coil cleaning spray. Also, replace the air filter within 60 days to block dirt particles from entering your unit.

2. Never Avoid Annual HVAC Services

Annual cooling and heating services in Folsom are more than just an inspection. The technician will not only find the faults in your HVAC system but also fix them before it entirely fails due to neglected issues. There are two benefits you get after annual servicing. One is high-quality performance, and the second is a longer lifespan.

3. Don’t Let Outdoor Air Enter the Room

The closed windows and doors guarantee better heating and cooling. When there is too much ventilation in the room, the outdoor air affects the indoor temperature provided by the HVAC system.

Therefore, the HVAC system works harder to cope with the outdoor air. It will reduce the efficiency of your equipment. Thus, keep the windows and doors closed while the HVAC is running.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is designed especially to maximize the efficiency of heating and cooling units. A smart thermostat automatically maintains the temperature requirement and prevents unnecessary HVAC usage. It will also reduce your monthly electricity bills.

5. Do Not Entirely Depend on your System

You should install a ceiling fan in the room for two reasons. The first reason is a ceiling fan can help with the faster and even circulation of HVAC airflow. This way, an HVAC unit will not have to run for longer. The second reason is when the temperature is mild and not too hot, you can keep your air conditioner off, and the ceiling fan will meet your cooling requirement.

Bottom Line

These tips not only enhance the HVAC efficiency but also extend its life span. You can rely on the Capital City Comfort for all air conditioning and heating services in Elk Grove. Our company is based on the foundation of honesty, quality, and satisfaction. Please email or call us at 916-390-0025 to get more details on our HVAC services.