AC Replacement In Sacramento, CA

AC Replacement In Sacramento, CA, and Surrounding Areas


Although the California summer may feel good for a bit, it’s next to impossible for most people to spend long hours without their AC. That’s why it’s important to have your AC working in its best shape before the summer. When in need of an Air Conditioning Replacement in Sacramento, CA, you cannot trust anyone but Capital City Comfort.

Many people rely on air conditioning to stay comfortable, no matter how hot it is outside. Many couldn’t imagine living without one. That being said, many don’t want to think about replacing it. They will fix it over and over, just to avoid buying a new one. Capital City Comfort, Inc is always at your service for AC Replacement In Sacramento, CA and Surrounding Areas.

However, that will only do so much. Here are some signs that it is time for you to replace your AC unit.

Your AC unit is several years old:

 Even if you get your unit maintained throughout the years, the truth is that they aren’t made to work for more than ten or fifteen years. In fact, as it ages, it won’t work as well so most people replace their units much sooner.

It breaks down a lot. If you star:

to realize that your unit doesn’t work often and breaks down a lot, it may be time to replace the whole unit. You shouldn’t have to get it fixed often, especially if you get it maintained regularly. You may also be forced to replace the unit if the parts become obsolete.

Have your energy bills skyrocketed?

If you realize that your energy bills have become more expensive, it may be due to your air conditioner unit. As they age, they have to work harder, which costs more.

And your unit isn't doing its job?

If your home isn’t comfortable, your unit isn’t working well enough and it might be a good time to get a new one. If your air conditioning unit is struggling to cool your home, there may be something seriously wrong with it.

You notice strange noises and smells.

Your air conditioner should make noise but there are some noises which can be a sign of a serious issue. You shouldn’t hear any squealing, grinding, pops, and bangs. You also shouldn’t notice a foul odor.

Though you may not want to replace your AC unit, there are times when it is important to do so. If your unit is several years old and not doing its job, it may be time to find a new unit. You also want to listen for any strange noises or foul odors. These could be a sign of a serious and expensive problem to deal with.

You notice strange noises and smells.

  • Is the unit energy-inefficient?
    Old or infrequently serviced units can become energy-inefficient with time, and replacing them is the best way to help your power bills.
  • Do you encounter frequent breakdowns?
    One replacement can save you from going through the overall inconvenience of multiple repairs.
  • Are you facing an expensive repair?
    Sometimes, a repair is so costly that it is more cost-efficient to get the unit replaced instead. An experienced technician will help you recognize this.
  • How old is the unit?
    If the unit is over ten years old and experiencing a breakdown, it’s suggested to replace it instead of repairing it.

You notice strange noises and smells.

At Capital City Comfort, we are one of the leading HVAC service providers in Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas. We serve both residential as well as commercial spaces, including old and new constructions. We offer the following air conditioning services, including our Air Conditioning Replacement in Sacramento, CA.

You notice strange noises and smells.

  • Customer-oriented: Our services guarantee customer satisfaction by working with you every step of the way and taking all your needs seriously.
  • Reliable: We are one of the most reliable service providers in the Sacramento area because of our prompt responses and excellent customer support.
  • Experienced: Each technician in our team is a highly-trained professional with years of relevant on-field experience under their belt.
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