Tips for Keeping Cool When Your AC Gives Out

Nothing beats coming home to discover that your air conditioner has failed and transformed your house into a steam room. The heat can make your home feel hot and sunny, making you sweaty, grumpy, and exhausted. Also, with a house heating like this, you would be scrambling for choices, including costly expenses, such as spending money booking a hotel room. So to avoid these expenses, it is prudent to seek help from professionals for air conditioning service in Sacramento, CA and 

How To Stay Cool When Your AC Dies?

To avoid living in the heat while your cooling system is getting repaired. Follow these tips on how to remain cool when your AC breaks:

  • Lower the shades

The majority of people appreciate the beauty of natural daylight in their homes. Regrettably, the sun’s rays entering your home through your pane create a warming effect. The temperature in your residence will continue to rise throughout the day, with no symbol of solution in sight. 

Drawing the drapes or lowering the shades is one way to tackle this and help keep the sunshine out of your home. A cooler ambiance will compensate for the lack of natural lighting. It is also a good idea to close your windows while doing this. While many people claim that opening windows helps inspire a cross-breeze, it does very little to keep the hot air outside the house.

  • Open the curtains during the evening.

During the twilight, the temperature gradually drops, which can help you keep your home cool. Open your window panes to let the warm air from the day exit in the evening. It, in turn, enables the cool air to enter your home. Furthermore, do not forget to close your window frames again in the morning to prevent warm air from returning indoors.

  • Make a temporary air conditioning setup.

You can make your private air conditioning unit with ice and a fan. First, fill a few blending bowls halfway with ice. Place the rice bowl in front of a tray fan. 

The warm air from the fan will start to melt the ice, which will then act as a coolant, cooling the air crossing through. All you have to do now is sit next to the fan and inhale in some fresh air. You can repeat this procedure until your air conditioner gets repaired.

  • Utilize cool towels

Another way to avoid the heat is to reduce your core temperature. Put two towels in the washing machine with cold water. Put one towel in the refrigerator and the other around your throat. 

The cold feeling on the base of the neck will innately help decrease your core temperature, making you feel cooler. When the first towel has lost its coolness, replace it with the one from the freezer.

  • Anticlockwise rotation of the ceiling fans

Walls and ceilings are typically set to rotate clockwise, pulling air down towards those who sit beneath them. While this is ideal for adding a bit of cool air when your air conditioner is on, it does little to calm you down when it is only bringing down hot air.

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