How Does a Defective Capacitor Affect Your AC?

A capacitor is one of the most significant parts of all other electrical components in an air conditioning system. Without the help of these capacitors, the engine that drives the compressor and fans of an air conditioner would not be competent in working properly. Put simply, you can think of these capacitors as comparable to short-term batteries.

Capacitors are usually small, cylinder-shaped objects that hold the potential to save energy under an electrostatic field. They remain connected to motors and are responsible for starting and keeping the motor running in an air conditioner. So, suppose you notice an issue with the capacitor. In that case, you must immediately call an expert for AC repair in Sacramento, CA, before the problem gets more prominent or turn into costly repairs.

Effects Of Bad Capacitors On Your Air Conditioner

Poorly working capacitors are one of the most common causes of breakdowns in an air conditioning unit. Notwithstanding, if you identify capacitor troubles on time, servicing experts can expeditiously replace them for new capacitors without any severe impact on the health of the air conditioning system.

However, suppose you keep on running your air conditioning units with bad capacitors in that situation. In that case, there is a tremendous likelihood that you may end up with a non-functioning air conditioning system right when you are in urgent need the most.

Also, apart from making the machinery break down abruptly, bad capacitors can even damage your unit to such an extent that it would not get solved by a professional for repair or AC maintenance in Elk Grove.

Mentioned below are some vital signs that indicate your air conditioner holds a bad capacitor that you can identify and get fixed at the earliest before it causes irreparable harm to your unit –

  • Humming Sounds.

When attempting to identify whether your air conditioner holds a bad capacitor, you must always listen to the sound that your unit makes when turned on. For example, if your AC is making a humming noise, this is a prominent indication of a bad capacitor.

  • The Unit Is Not Blowing Cool Air.

If your air conditioning unit is not blowing cool air, it is again an indication that the health of the capacitor is not right. You can initially try switching off and on your unit. Then, if the difficulty persists, you get in touch with a technician for AC repair in Folsom, to get the problem fixed.

  • The Unit Is Switching Off By It Self.

The latest technology air conditioners can switch themselves off once it detects that there is some problem with the internal components. Hence, if you notice your air conditioner turning on and off constantly, there are higher odds of some problems with the capacitor.

All these problems listed above are some of the most vital signs that your AC unit holds a bad capacitor. If you are looking for a skilled professional for capacitors or any other repair or AC maintenance in Sacramento, CA, we can always be of great help. For booking an appointment, you can call us at (916)-390-0025.