7 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Air Conditioner

As summer arrives, bringing scorching temperatures and oppressive humidity, millions of people will turn on the air conditioner’s marvel of invention and discovery.

In addition, highly advanced and complex air conditioning systems resulted from almost a century of engineering research performed by experts in cooling, thermodynamics, controls, and energy efficiency. These luxury units that homeowners activate with the ease of flipping a switch are complex electromechanical systems. According to a survey of ASME members in 2000, air conditioning/refrigeration was voted one of the twentieth century’s top ten mechanical engineering achievements.

And here are seven interesting facts about this very invention!

  1. Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioner in 1902 to maintain humidity under control in a New York publishing house to prevent the paper from contracting and expanding, eliminate smears, and assist ink drying faster. Carrier’s method, borrowed from older mechanical refrigeration techniques, routed air through coils filled with cold water, cooling the air and removing moisture to control room humidity.
  2. A 10-foot wide rotating fan with seven connected wheels was invented by a Chinese artisan in 1980 AD. It was like having the ability to cool an entire hall of people by turning a knob.
  3. Films were released during the summer because people wanted to escape the sweltering heat by going to an air-conditioned theater. However, as commercial pressures increase and excessive heat worsen due to climate change, many anticipate summer theaters remaining chilly.
  4. John Gorrie is widely regarded as the “Father of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.” In 1942, he invented the ice-making machine to keep his hospital’s patients cool in the rising temperatures.
  5. Packard was the first car manufacturer to incorporate air conditioning in its vehicles. The evaporator coil and air blower were first installed under the back passenger seat. This overall configuration was popular in-car A/C units until 1954, when both Nash and General Motors debuted dash-integrated systems identical to those in use today.
  6. Stuart Cramer, an engineer by profession with 60 patents, created the term “air conditioning.”
  7. The air conditioner cools your room and eliminates microscopic particles and allergies. By enhancing ventilation and managing your home’s temperature, your air conditioner acts like a Brita filter for your home. There are a variety of other techniques to improve the quality of your indoor air, but air conditioning is the most effective.

This amazing invention sure is a savior and needs to be well maintained. ACs are the items you put up in the ‘one-time investment’ category and need to maintain well. That’s where we come.

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