When Should You Run Your AC in Dry Mode?

An air conditioner not only provides a comfortable temperature during hot weather conditions, but it also has many other features and modes that function according to the changes in the climate. It is necessary to keep a regular check on AC maintenance in Sacramento, CA, for the effective functioning of all its features during the shift in temperatures.

What is Dry Mode, And When To Use It?

You must have noticed increased moisture levels in the atmosphere during the rainy season. Sometimes the humidity rate of air may even rise during hot or cold weather conditions. The dry mode in your air conditioner helps maintain the moisture levels by keeping the air dry and cool.

The dry feature works as the dehumidifying function and refreshes the indoor air quality. Relative humidity levels higher than 30% to 50% could be harmful, and you may experience a high amount of perspiration. Switching your AC on dry mode provides a comfortably chill environment indoors. The feature gets turned on by the mode button present on the AC remote.

Benefits of Running Your AC in Dry Mode

The dry mode can generally be used during the winter seasons when you don’t need to cool down the temperature. It can simply control the humidity in the air, making it easier and healthier. Following are some of the benefits of using the dry feature in your air conditioner –
1. Healthy Environment
Increased levels of humidity can make it difficult to breathe for some people. Your family members suffering from asthma and allergies due to dust and mold could feel uncomfortable due to excessive moisture present in the air. Dehumidification helps keep the air pure, getting rid of dust and bacteria, and makes it healthier to inhale.

2. Saves Energy
The hot temperatures are usually more affected by the humidity than the heat itself. Instead of lowering the AC’s temperature, you can turn on the dry feature to reduce moisture levels. When the dry mode is on, the compressor of your AC starts running at a slower speed, consuming less energy. Reduced power consumption helps you save money on electricity bills.

3. Clears the Odor
High humidity in the air may damage your clothes, furniture, towels, producing a musty smell. It may also lead to moist wood and rusted iron or electronics. Dehumidifying function protects your appliances and properties by keeping them dry and safe from corrosion.

Other Modes And Their Uses
1. Cool Mode
The AC takes the hot air and blows the cool air out using the compressor and the fan. Set it on when both temperature and humidity are high.

2. Fan Mode

The compressor turns off, and only the fan blows the air present in the room. Set it on when both the temperature and humidity levels are tolerable.

Dry mode makes the air healthy and consumes less energy when compared to other functions. The system unit needs to work efficiently for better usage of all the features. Capital City Comfort, INC. helps you take care of your air conditioner by offering affordable air conditioning service in Sacramento, CA.

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