When Should A Heating System Be Replaced?


A common problem among many homeowners is using an old furnace and not knowing whether the heating system needs replacement or repair. If you are seeking a professional opinion and have been searching for the best ‘furnace replacement near me‘ online, we suggest sticking with a company you can trust. Choose Capital City Comfort and get in touch with our skilled technician for assistance.

When To Replace Your Heating System

You can decide whether or not to update your heating system this year using the advice in the following points:

  • Increased Utility Bills

Less efficiency is always directly proportional to increased gas or electricity bills. As your heater gets older, its efficiency also gets reduced. To keep the indoor temperature warm, the utility expenses of your furnace increase along with time. Replacing your old furnace with an energy-efficient new one can contribute to lowered utility bills and gain better deals for your investments.

  • Outdated HVAC Systems

The heating system in your house can be older than 25 years old, depending on its age. Your furnace is probably older than 25 years old if it still uses a pilot light. The possibility of a HVAC system failure increases with increased usage. An ageing heating system should ideally be upgraded before it is required.

  • Yellow Flame on the Burner

When the burner flame of a gas furnace is yellow rather than blue, there may be carbon monoxide present. Since this gas has no color or smell, it’s critical to understand the warning indications because it can be fatal.

  • Unusual Noises

As they age, heating systems can occasionally start screeching, rattling, or banging. A screeching sound may be an indication of a motor-bearing issue. An issue with the motor or the blower assembly may cause banging or rattling. When the fan starts, loud rattling may indicate that the motor is deteriorating. Any unusual noises can be an indication of a damaged system.

  • Many Repairs in a Short Period

When elements in your heating system needs to be replaced multiple times quickly, the cost can soon approach that of a brand-new unit. Not only can maintaining an outdated system be expensive, but it can also be challenging to locate parts for older systems. A system is probably getting close to the end of its useful life when it requires replacing one component after another. It is more logical to replace the system before it completely fails.

  • Short Cycling

Thermostats monitor the temperature of your living space. Short cycling is the term used to refer to the on and off of the heating cycle. It is the result of the heat exchanger overheating and shutting down. Short cycling leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the heating system.


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