What Would Cause a Furnace to Overheat?

You may think that the overheating of your furnace may be normal as maybe it’s a by-product of creating heat. However, this is not necessarily true. Homeowners need to learn the basics of a furnace. With the given points curated by our experts for furnace repair in Sacramento, CA, you will know what causes your furnace to overheat.  

Dirty Filter

When the air in your home flows through a filter, the filter’s main purpose is to collect all the dirt, dander, and various other particles present in the air. But with time, as more and more dirt gets accumulated on the filter, the airflow becomes restricted, leading to the overheating of the furnace. 

Thus, changing and cleaning the air filters regularly- is the first thing that comes under furnace maintenance. The price of an air filter is not too much, and sometimes a few bucks can help you avoid massive breakdowns and huge costs.  


Age plays a vital role in the efficient working of your furnace. The lifespan of your furnace depends on various factors, such as regular maintenance, tune-ups, and timely repairs. But in general, it is 10 to 15 years. With continuous use over the years, the furnace’s efficiency gets reduced, and problems like overheating develop. 

The option for you to repair your furnace is always available. But it is better to replace the furnace if it has surpassed its age and the cost of getting it repaired is more than half of the price of a new furnace.

Worn Out Parts

Like every other machine to perform its function, a furnace requires all its parts and components to function correctly. If any part is damaged or worn out, it might affect the whole system and cause overheating. You may not notice this and therefore calling for professional routine maintenance is the only solution. 

Besides, similar to other machines, a furnace may wear out faster with overuse. Therefore, instead of straining the unit, give it a break once in a while. 

Dirty HVAC System 

The inside of the furnace often goes unnoticed by the homeowners, and it becomes extremely dirty. If you even didn’t remember the last cleaning of your furnace, then it means a long time has passed, and you need to schedule a furnace cleaning immediately. 

Dirt buildup might have caused your furnace blower to work inefficiently. If the blower faces any difficulty circulating the air, it results in restricted airflow. And in the end, you will find your furnace overheating.

Electrical Failure

Not only does an electric furnace need electricity, but a gas-powered furnace also needs electricity to operate. The wiring and other electrical components face a great deal of stress during the working of the furnace, and any short circuit or inadequate circulation can cause your furnace to overheat.

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