What To Look For In The Right AC For Your Home?

It might be an overwhelming decision to make when choosing the right air conditioner for your home. With a wide variety of online options, finding an ideal air conditioning service in Sacramento, CA, cannot be an easy task. Read on to find out about air conditioning unit types and choose an ideal fit for your home.

Difference Between The Duct And Ductless Air Conditioners

A whole air conditioner is nothing but a split-air conditioner set up with an outside unit connected to the indoor unit with a series of ducts. The indoor unit of the ducted air conditioner is called the air handler. These types of air conditioners are also called central air conditioning.

A blower fan that is inside the air handler distributes the cold air evenly throughout your home. A refrigerant process then cools the air inside. An air conditioning system with ducts depends on the airflow to keep your room cool.

On the other hand, a ductless air conditioner has no duct to ensure airflow. Instead of single indoor and outdoor units, the ductless air conditioners have a small outdoor unit connected to four wall-mounted indoor units. These connections are made through a small hole in your wall by AC installation in Sacramento, CA, and have the power supply, refrigerant line, and condensate line.

Ducted Air Conditioning Units

The ducted air conditioning units are the traditional units that are of two types –

  • Central Air Conditioner

These systems work by drawing heat out of your home using a refrigerant process. Then the air is cooled by condensing through an evaporating process. Finally, the cooled air is blown out for distribution by the air ducts and blower fans.

These systems are highly efficient and powerful. They have the potential to save you a lot of money. However, These systems cool the whole house even when you only need your room to be cooled.

  • Heat Pumps

The heat pumps work exactly like the air conditioner. The only difference is the refrigerant process is reversed so that the unit blows out hot air.

Ductless Air Conditioning Units

These ductless systems have been gaining a lot of popularity due to their small size and efficiency. Contact AC installation in Elk Grove, CA, and install a unit in your home.

There is no air loss in these devices because of the absence of ductwork. Even though these devices are more expensive to install than traditional air conditioners, they can help you save up a lot of money in the long run.

The air handlers in the ductless systems work independently. Because of this feature, if one air handler is damaged, you can still have the other three handlers working without any interruptions. You can reduce your electricity bill as you can choose to operate a limited number of air handlers to keep you cool.

If you have decided on the air conditioner type you want to purchase and are looking for air conditioning services in Folsom, CA, contact Capital City Comfort, INC. at (916)-390-0025.