Tips to Find Out the Efficiency of Your Furnace


An energy-efficient furnace helps save money, keep your home warm and comfortable, and helps sustain the environment. It is because they produce much more heat for less fuel after a professional heating installation in Folsom.

Tips To Tell If Your Current Furnace Is Energy-Efficient

Here are some easy tips for finding out your household furnace system’s efficiency:

  • AFUE Rating

The effectiveness of a natural gas furnace is determined by examining the AFUE score. This rating indicates the percentage of fuel the furnace can transform into heat. For a furnace with an 85 AFUE, 85% of the energy is converted into heat, while the remaining 15% is wasted.

The greater the AFUE rating, the greater the furnace’s efficiency. A furnace should have an AFUE rating of 95% to be awarded the Energy Star rating. An energy star-rated heating installation in Elk Grove could result in significant savings on operating expenses.

  • Age of Your Heater

Knowing the AFUE rating of your heater is an excellent way of evaluating your heating efficiency; however, it may not reveal the whole story. The typical lifespan of the household heater is 15 to 20 years. Even if your heater begins with a high AFUE rating, it will decrease by about 5% each year if it’s not well maintained.

The components are likely to become worn down due to the passage of time and constant usage. In addition, with the numerous technological advancements in HVAC technology, even a ten-year-old system may need upgrading.

  • Compare Energy Bills

It’s typical for energy costs to fluctuate over the period. The changing seasons, the living conditions, or an increase in energy costs are all common causes. However, comparing the amount of energy you use every month will help you determine if your heating system is deteriorating in efficiency.

If your monthly energy bills are substantially higher than at a similar time last year, your heater might not be operating as efficiently as it should be.

Benefits of High-Efficiency Furnaces

Here are some benefits that you get when you invest in a high-efficiency furnace:

  • Eco-Friendly

High-efficiency furnaces consume identical amounts of gas as traditional furnaces; however, they produce more heat and are eco-friendly.

  • Reduction in Energy Bills

A high-efficiency heating installation in Elk Grove can dramatically reduce your monthly energy bill and help you save your utility bills.

  • Longer Lifespan

High-efficiency furnaces last for a longer service life than standard units if properly maintained.

  • Less Noise

Standard HVAC systems usually produce a constant noise that whirrs when they run. The high-efficiency furnaces are quieter than traditional ones, which is what homeowners like best.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

High-efficiency furnaces are equipped with upgraded filtration systems that can better capture dust, dirt, and other allergens before impacting the air quality in your home.

  • Qualifies for Tax Rebates

A high-efficiency furnace might make you eligible for a tax-free rebate. Still, before buying any heating system, ensure you know the minimum AFUE rating required to qualify in your region.

Wrapping It Up

With a high-efficiency heating system, you can save money and remain comfortable during winter. Contact Capital City Comfort Inc. today to learn more about high-efficiency furnaces. Contact us at 916-390-0025 or email us to book an appointment for maintenance, repair, or heating replacement in Folsom.