Ed L.

Just wanted to share my recent positive experience with Deione Brown from Capital City Comfort.  For months I researched upgrading my thermostats to smart units but found that there were other things that needed to be addressed with my HVAC system before that could happen.   Prior to contacting Deione, I had a different company named after a jungle cat or luxury brand auto maker come to my home to diagnose my HVAC system.  They charged me close to $200 to diagnose and to tell me I needed to buy a new controller board that would have cost between $800-$1000.  Ultimately I was discouraged at the costs involved and put off the whole idea of upgrading my thermostats.  Months pass by and I ended up picking up a pair of Nest Thermostats during all the black friday sales.  Searching through Nextdoor led me to contact information for Deione.  I contacted Deione, informed him of my situation and we scheduled an appointment that same day.  He’s prompt, polite, knows what he is doing, responds to calls and texts and doesn’t try to upsell or recommend anything you don’t need.  He found the same problem the ‘other’ HVAC company found but was able to get a brand new and upgraded part for 1/4 of what the other place quoted.  Everything is now working as it should all thanks to Deione.

TL:DR – Call Deione for HVAC service.  Honest, Responsive, Unbeatable pricing and he lives in our area (N. Natomas).  Support our local businesses!