Signs Your AC Is Making You Sick

Recent studies have found that home occupants with air conditioning systems are far more likely to get sick compared to occupants without an air conditioning system. Does that indicate air conditioners are to blame for making us sick?

Staying in conditioned air all the time can lead to health problems. The hot and dry summers make you dependent on air conditioners. Air conditioning repair in Folsom is an emergency plan if your air conditioner breaks down in the blazing, hot afternoon.

Indications Your AC Is Making You Sick

  • Skin is Always Dry and Flakey

Your skin gets dry more often if you stay in an air-conditioned room. Air conditioners are tasked to remove moisture from the surroundings, and our skin becomes dry. Your hair and scalp also face unwanted effects.

  • Molds

Signs of visible mold in ducts, walls, or vents are a serious problem. Mold particles are airborne and circulate the whole house with the help of an air conditioner. They lead to health issues such as sneezing, congestion, irritation in the throat, and coughing. If you find mold growth contact an expert technician for air conditioner repair in Elk Grove.

  • Respiratory Issues

Air filters trap all sorts of bacteria, fungi, dirt, dust, and pet fur. Therefore if it’s not cleaned regularly, the filters will start releasing particles into your home rather than filtering them. Air conditioners become the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Moisture builds up in the ducts and coils from condensation, which leads to black mold in extreme cases. It leads to breathing problems.

  • Frequent Headaches

Most people face frequent headaches and get more tired than usual. This sign is settled when they leave the office building. Research shows that offices with central air conditioners cause more illness symptoms than those without work.

  • Sick Building Syndrome

SBS doesn’t specify any diseases. It is linked to the time spent in a building. It is defined as the symptom of irritation by the occupants of the building from the air conditioner. The non-specific indications of sick building syndrome comprise irritation in the skin, breathing complications, mucous membrane discomfort, fatigue, and headaches. You need ac repair in Folsom from a certified HVAC contractor.

Solutions That Can Prevent You From Getting Sick

  • Air conditioners are cleaned every month to prevent respiratory diseases.
  • To prevent flakey skin, use moisturizer and drink lots of water to replenish. A humidifier is the best option for maintaining optimal humidity in the house.
  • If you are experiencing a headache, raise the air conditioner’s temperature. Take breaks to go outside for fresh air.


An air conditioner is not bad for your health and is usually good for people suffering from different types of allergies. The only concern is to maintain and clean the air conditioner regularly. Schedule regular maintenance from a reputable company.

A good company will send certified HVAC technicians for ac repair in Elk Grove. Capital City Comfort specializes in all types of HVAC problems faced by the owners of houses, commercial buildings, and offices. Contact us immediately to get expert help.