Is Your AC Really Not Cooling? Here’s How to Check

As the humid summer season is approaching California, there is an imminent necessity to formulate plans to resist the heat. An appropriately functioning air conditioning unit can keep you and your nearby surroundings cool and further aid in making you feel comfortable and relaxed at your place.

However, the comfort and relaxation can get spoiled within seconds if your air conditioner discontinues operating abruptly or does not cool your place efficiently, and you are oblivious to how to address the problem. Hence, it is always advisable that when this difficulty arises, you must always call an air conditioning service in Sacramento, CA, expert to either provide proper servicing or replacement in case of major damages.

Tips To Check An Air Conditioner Not Cooling Efficiently

There are discrete reasons why your air conditioning unit fails to produce the required or adequate cooling. This problem can grow more intensified and you might be required to call for a new AC installation in Elk Grove, CA if your unit is not maintained routinely. Hence, it’s imperative to get your air conditioning unit frequently tuned up by specialists.

If you are lately encountering this issue of AC not cooling your home adequately, you can check some of the things mentioned below to troubleshoot an air conditioning unit not cooling –

  • Inspect The Thermostat Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

The foremost move to check an air conditioning unit that is not cooling is to take a look at the thermostat settings. Thermostats arrive in copious forms, starting with uncomplicated models that control the cooling and heating of your air conditioner and the operation of a fan.

Nevertheless, nowadays several air conditioning units employ a smart thermostat that performs several other roles instead of simply cooling. Therefore, if you think your AC is not cooling accurately, you must examine this thermostat and its setting as there is a likelihood that someone might have changed the settings to a higher level, due to which your air conditioning unit is not chilling the place.

  • Take A Look At The Air Filters

A dusty or dirty air filter can cause the evaporator coils of an AC unit to become filthy. This accumulation of dirt and grime can obstruct the air filters responsible for airflow and hence the cooling gets reduced. Also, to avoid this situation, you must routinely clean the air filters of the unit.

  • Check The Refrigerant Levels

The low refrigerant level is amongst the most common causes for an air conditioning unit not cooling accurately. However, if this is the cause of the AC not cooling, it would be challenging for you to resolve it yourself, and you will have to call a specialist for an air conditioning service in Folsom, CA.

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